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    The Atrium is the heart of the dining room and features a show-stopping custom-made pearl bracelet chandelier. Considered a semi-private to private space, the Atrium is surrounded by glass doors -- that can remain opened or closed -- with long semi-sheer curtains and velvet drapes.

    Capacity: 60 seated, 75 standing

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    Located across from the Atrium, the Pinnacle can be private or semi-private, exuding Maple & Ash's lively energy. With plush velvet curtains that separates the area from the other spaces in the restaurant, the room can be completely secluded. With no through-traffic, this space is perfect for smaller groups and cocktail receptions.

    Capacity: 30 seated, 45 standing

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    The Green Room can only be discovered if you know where to look. This intimate room has an exclusive bar and is perfect for groups up to 15.

    Capacity: 12 seated, 20 standing

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    Our patio is temperature controlled and enclosed by a vine-covered wall. It is private with the option to reserve a smaller subsection of the patio that is semi-private.

    Capacity: 72 seated, 80 standing

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    Adjacent to the dining room, the lounge is the perfect space to hold a luxurious and vibrant cocktail reception. With a leather-bound bar top, plush velvet seating, and sleek, low-profile cocktail tables, this timeless space is sure to help your guests leave their worries at the door.

    Capacity: 30 standing