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Photo of Michael Neagle

Michael Neagle

Director of Finance

Michael Neagle has always been attracted to high-intensity work environments and relishes a good challenge. Competitive by nature, Michael loves working in teams, and internally collaborating on special projects. Prior to Maple & Ash, he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade for seven years, where he pursued his love of numbers and problem-solving. Realizing that he was as good with people as he was with numbers, Michael found a natural fit in the hospitality business. An integral member since the beginning, Michael is always asking why, and investigating ways to improve operations. As Director of Finance, he oversees the integration of companywide technology, collaborates on all financial decisions, helps with strategic planning, and streamlining supply chains. His financial modeling and systems analysis has helped the company increase revenue 10% year over year. When he is not crunching numbers or cheerfully speaking with guests, Michael unwinds by playing a little jazz guitar.