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    The Atrium, located in the center of the dining room, features 24 foot ceilings with skylights that look out to the city and a show-stopping, custom made pearl necklace chandelier that hangs in the center of the room. Considered a semi-private to private space, the Atrium is surrounded by glass doors -- that can remain opened or closed -- with long semi-sheer curtains and velvet drapes.

    Capacity: 60 seated, 85 standing


    The State Street Room is located off the side of our dining room and lounge. The space is considered semi-private, overlooking State Street with plush velvet curtains that can separate the area from the other spaces in the restaurant. This State Street Room exudes Maple & Ash's vibrant energy. With no through-traffic, this space is perfect for smaller groups and cocktail receptions.

    Capacity: 28 seated, 40 standing


    For groups of 13 to 20 that want to stay in the scene and celebrate with other diners in the restaurant. Dine at one long dining table to be given an outstanding family-style experience that is curated to your party.

    Capacity: 13-20


    Adjacent to the dining room, The Lounge at Maple & Ash is a sexy and luxurious space to host your cocktail reception. With a leather-bound bar top, plush velvet seating and sleek, low-profile cocktail tables, your guests will surely be impressed.

    Capacity: 40 standing


    Our semi-private lounge nook table is located adjacent from our lounge and is perfect for large groups of 13-18 people. This table is tucked back into a semi-private nook, with no other dining room tables nearby. You will still receive the same amazing service and food that Maple & Ash's dining room has to offer, along with the lounges vibrant energy!

    Capacity: 13-18 people